Extends HDMI, VGA, USB, RS-232, bi-directional stereo analog audio, and IR over IP, using a Gigabit Local Area Network
§ Supports input resolutions up to 4K 60Hz 4:2:0 on HDMI and up to 1920×1200, 60 Hz on VGA (WUXGA).
§ Supports output resolutions up to 4K 30Hz 4:4:4 on HDMI and up to 1920×1200 60 Hz or 1080p Full HD on VGA
§ Supported HDMI Features: § HDR
§ HDCP 2.2 and 1.4
§ Deep Color
§ Lip-Sync pass-through
§ Supports uncompressed LPCM digital audio up to 7.1 channels
§ Supports up to 7.1 channels of HBR (High Bit Rate) digital audio including Dolby Atmos®,
Dolby® TrueHD, DTS:XTM, and DTS-HD Master AudioTM
§ When used with Gefen DVI-to-HDMI cables (not included), supports the use of DVI sources and DVI displays up to 1080p Full HD and 1920×1200 (WUXGA)
§ Built-in video wall controller accommodates any number of rows and columns up to 16×16
§ Quick mass-firmware-update, automated configuration, and enhanced control capabilities and
system security when used with the Gefen EXT-CU-LAN Matrix Controller
§ Built-in web interface, Telnet, and UDP
§ Compatible with the Gefen Keyboard Switching Controller software, available for download at
§ Supports 39,900 Senders and a combination of just over 65,000 Sender and Receiver units, depending on the network bandwidth and number of ports on your network switch
§ Two USB 2.0 ports with data rates up to 480 Mbps and backward-compatibility with USB 1.1
§ Two USB 1.1 ports for use with Human Interface Devices (H.I.D.)
§ PoE (Power over Ethernet) allows the new Sender and Receiver units to be powered through a standard PoE-enabled IP network switch, without the need for external power supplies
§ Three-port Gigabit Ethernet switch built into the Receiver unit
§ Mode switch on Sender for sharpness or motion optimization of image
§ Field-updatable firmware via EXT-CU-LAN controller or the built-in web server interface
§ Locking power supply connectors
§ Half-rack width Sender and Receiver enclosures are rack-mountable using EXT-RACK-1U-GRY
§ Sender and Receiver can also be surface-mounted using the included L-brackets
§ Low profile Receiver enclosure features an IR Extender port and can be hidden away behind the display